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Flying Thursdays and Saturdays at Old A. 
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Current News: 

  • Interim Final Rule released for FAA-issued registration

    The FAA issued an Interim Final Rule that will require drone pilots and model aircraft pilots to display their FAA-issued registration number on the outside surface of their aircraft. The rule will take effect on Monday, February 25, 2019, which means the markings must be in place for any outdoor flight beginning on that date.

    "AMA clubs and member benefits are not contingent on UAS registration. AMA encourages all members to follow Federal regulations, but are not policing registration)".

    Note to KRCF Members: 
    Membership in Kona RC Flyers (KRCF) does not require Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) registration, but like the AMA, it does encourage members to follow Federal regulations. 

  • We now have a permit for flying model aircraft at the Old Airport Park on Thursday and Saturday mornings from 7AM to Noon.  We are at the far Northern end of the park.  We'll see you there!  Flying Field Setup Instructions are here.

  • KRCF is now "Kona RC Flyers Inc".  The club has voted to become a 501.c3 educational non-profit organization.  The IRS has reviewed our application and approved us. 


As for the Honokohau Harbor field....

We still do not have permission to go on the property or fly there.

Until we secure permission from the DLNR, effective immediately, absolutely NO FLYING at the field.  


Beginning Oct 1, 2016, we are no longer allowed to access the flying field.  DO NOT go to the field, even if not flying.  Until we secure permission from the DLNR, do not go to the field.

Club members, check your email for status from the club concerning this matter.

03-11-18  GM


FAA-UAS Registration 

All Kona RC Flyers Inc (actually, everyone in the USA) flying RC aircraft heavier than 0.55 lbs outdoors must register with the FAA to fly their UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System).  This is not just for "drones" (i.e. multi-copters).  This includes fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.  

The FAA issued registration number must be marked on all aircraft you fly.  This is also a requirement of the AMA for its membership.  As an AMA charter Club, it is a requirement for every aircraft flying at our field.  For more information, visit the FAA-UAS web site.



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